“Shackles shall be removed from service if conditions such as the following are present and shall only be returned to service when approved by a qualified person:”… In the two pictures we see a 7/8″ Anchor Shackle with a 6-1/2 ton working load limit. We also see a typical hardware nut and bolt rather than the original manufactured pin for this particular shackle. 5. Who is responsible and liable should damage, injury, or death occur as result of using this modified shackle? If you look carefully at the second picture, you will note that there are significant gaps between the bolt and the hole within the ears of the shackle. The aforementioned pictures illustrate a recipe for unsafe shackle applications. If the shackle pin is worn, replace it with another from the original manufacturer. Pin engagement is critical in the use of anchor shackles. 30 Ton Load Cell Be sure to check out my next post “Initial Inspection – Critical To Avoiding Catastrophic Events. #2″ Small Turnbuckle, Turnbuckle Hardware, Stainless Turnbuckle – Rui De Tai,https://www.qdruidetai.com/