Digital microscopes are advanced tools that combine the features of optical microscopes with the latest technology like image capturing, video sharing, high magnification and improved probability. They are excellent companions in the field of biological research, inspection of small objects, repair, education and other industries. These devices use sensors that convert analogue information from incoming light into digital images. These digital images can then be used for personal entertainment, research or medical diagnosis.

If you’re interested in exploring the microscopic world, this electronic microscope is what you need. It is an inverted microscope with optics below stage which allows you to view larger objects such as petri dish cultures or metallurgical samples. It offers you both reflected and transmitted light modes with a built-in dimmable LED illumination above and below the stage. It is equipped with a 2.0 Mega Pixel CMOS sensor and a fixed 800x optical magnification. You can use it with a host device or simply flip out the optical eyepiece to view directly.

This electronic microscope can give you a magnified image to 500 times with its multi-stage digital zoom in both camera or video state. It has a rotating silver wheel which can adjust the focus on the subject. It is an ideal choice for inspection watch of the circuit boards, precision parts, ores, material surface, textile fabric, antique coins, skin, hair, insect and other small objects. It comes with a 3.5 inches display, so you don’t have to connect the microscope to the computer to watch the subject. It can be charged using a USB charger. When the indicator is red, it means that the device is charging. When the red light goes off, it indicates that the charging is full. Connect it to your computer using a USB cable and install the driver for use on your computer. This microscope can be hand-held for more convenient and minute observations.

This electronic microscope comes with a true 5 MP sensor to take HD images and videos of your specimens. It’s equipped with a 5-Element IR cut high-quality glass lens which gives you a sharper and finer view of the subject. It is perfect for low-power observation of 3D specimens. It comes with a 4-foot USB 2.0 cable for convenient viewing of larger surfaces. It includes intuitive software with measuring features. It’s fully compatible with Windows and Mac.

This electronic microscope comes with eight adjustable high brightness LEDs which can work up to a hundred thousand hours. It has an HD 3.6 MP CCD installed which allows you to have a nice and clear image of the sample. It has a professional microscopic lens that gives you an excellent view of tiny objects. Its 4.3-inch LCD offers a detailed display of your subject in 1080P/720P/VGA resolutions. The closest the object is to the microscopic lens, the more is the magnification. The minimum distance between the object and the lens is 15 mm.

This is a rechargeable field microscope with a high-quality camera magnification. It captures the images with 16:9 Sensor and 14 MP Interpolation. It has an optical magnification up to 220 times and a digital magnification up to 500 times. You can view the images of your specimen live on the 3.5 inches colour LCD. It comes with a free HDMI cable to connect the microscope to your TV or computer. It comes with various features like an adjustable observation stage, image focus and an 8-bulb cool white LED brightness. It has an easy touch button control panel. It captures the image of your sample or subject at an HD resolution of 1080p. It can make videos and time-lapse pictures It supports micro SD card up to 32 GB. It comes with software compatible with both Windows and Mac.

This electronic microscope offers you a 1080p video streaming of the microscopic world. It comes with an HDMI cable that you can use to connect the microscope directly to your monitor or projector. It has a 3.5MP high-speed sensor which gives you a higher quality of images and a better refresh rate. It has a powerful magnification ranging from 10x to 220x. It is capable of recording high definition still images. These images are saved to the Micro SD card. When you connect it to your pC via USB, it allows you to record 720p High Definition videos at 30 fps.

This electronic microscope comes with a large CMOS sensor which provides true High Definition images at 1920x1080p. It offers a zooming range up to 300 times for detailed viewing of smaller objects. You can have an amazing view of your subject on the large screen of your TV via an HDMI cable. It is perfect for PCB repair and inspection of small objects. It offers you a macro focus, a lateral image parameter adjustment, and an easy height adjustment with a safety lock. It saves the images and videos on a 32 GB microSD card.

This is a professional electronic microscope especially designed for biological purposes. It has a built-in 5MP digital camera which captures high-resolution images and 30 fps SD video of the subject under observation. It packs a full-coloured 3.5 inches TFT LCD screen with onboard software. It offers you TV output for display on large monitors. You can adjust the mechanical stage for convenient slide movement. You can share the images easily with its 180° rotating head. It gives you three lens power with its rotating objective lens turret. It offers a 4x digital zoom for magnification up to 1600x. It has a measuring reticle for comparing specimen sizes.

This is a USB electronic microscope that comes with a 4.3 inches LCD and an adjustable stand for better and convenient viewing of the slides. It gives you 1x to 600x continuous magnification and eight LED illumination with Adjustable Intensity Control which allows you to set the desired level of illumination. It has a measuring scale and saves images on a microSD card. You don’t have to connect it to a PC to view the images. It is powered by a Li-ion rechargeable battery which keeps running for six hours. You can easily transfer the images taken to your PC using a USB cable.

90mm Hand Magnifier Lamp Set With Led Lighting

This microscope here has a 5 inches screen which gives you a very crisp and HD view of your sample. It is equipped with an image sensor of 3 Mega Pixels. The video output is of HD quality at 1080p and an image resolution of 12 MP. It stores the images in a microSD card of 32 GB.It is capable of magnifying the image up to 260 times. You can watch the specimen under observation on bigger screens using an HDMI cable.

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